City Manager

Jeff Niten began serving the Mountlake Terrace community as City Manager in April 2023 bringing significant experience from several communities across Western Washington. Much of his background focuses on critical aspects including municipal finance, comprehensive planning and economic development.


Mountlake Terrace has a council-manager form of government where the seven elected Councilmembers hire and oversee a City Manager. Embracing this collaborative structure, Niten is deeply committed to working closely with the Council, fostering city visions to ensure the prosperity and well-being of the people and businesses that call this place home.


Mountlake Terrace is poised for responsible growth where all community members are safe and welcomed, amenities are readily available, and small businesses are supported.


Niten and his wife Rachel, a native Washingtonian, are proud parents to three children who enrich their lives with love and support.