Emergency Preparedness

Recent wind and snowstorms taught us how much we depend on electricity and the value of being prepared for an emergency.  

Emergencies can happen at any time; are you ready? Please view the Severe Weather Preparedness Information.

Mountlake Terrace Hazard Mitigation information.

Types of Emergencies

Windstorms, earthquakes, floods, accidents, explosions, hazardous material spills and a host of other major incidents have occurred here, although we live in a relatively safe environment in the Northwest. These disasters typically require a significant response and a need for resources well beyond what the city can normally supply.

The city’s first obligation is to protect life and health during a major emergency or disaster and would likely be unable to respond to individuals for at least the first few days. A coordinated response from many jurisdictions, including local, regional, state and federal agencies can be required to protect public health, life, property, and provide relief to citizens.

Would you be able to take care of yourself, your family, or your pet until the city could help you? Do you have supplies to last at least three days? Do you have a plan with your family and neighbors? If not, take the time now to get prepared.

Verdant Health Commission Launches Whooping Cough Campaign

The Verdant Health Commission has joined forces with the Snohomish Health District and other community partners to launch an education and outreach campaign regarding the whooping cough epidemic that we are facing in Snohomish County and across the state. Whooping cough, also known as pertussis, is extremely contagious, and potentially life-threatening for infants. Please take the time to review the links below to see how you can help stop the cough.


Emergency Preparedness Websites

Emergency Kit Supplies
July 12 2003 fire shot showing onlookers