City's Urban Forest Commitment

Landscape Development - (Tree Ordinance)

The retention of significant trees and vegetation in the City is important and necessary to maintain and protect property values, to enhance the visual appearance of the City, to preserve the natural wooded character of the Pacific Northwest, to promote utilization of natural systems, to reduce the impacts of development on the storm drainage system, and to provide a better transition between the various land uses permitted in the City.

Landscape Development Code - 19.130.140 Retention of existing site vegetation


Trees on Single Family Residential Lots - What Can and Cannot be Done

Sustainability Strategy
City Sustainability Plan

Sustainability in the landscape is about creating healthy places and the connections between them to create robust systems that mimic the natural environment. Green spaces include natural areas, parks, yards, ponds, lakes, and even back yards. Green connections are streets, trails for bicycles and pedestrians, habitat corridors, natural drainage systems, streams, and views. Green spaces and connections provide many benefits, including opportunities for people to walk or bike instead of driving their cars, protection of important habitat for native plants and animals, and improvements to water quality by managing storm water and filtering pollutants. (Goal IV - Mountlake Terrace Sustainability Strategy)
City of Mountlake Terrace Sustainability Strategy