Winter Preparedness

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) is predicting a colder and wetter than average winter for the Pacific Northwest.

This means we could have more rain, wind, ice and snow in Mountlake Terrace. Throughout the year, the city prepares for winter weather and asks residents to do the same.
Snow Plow
  1. During a Storm

    Find out what you need to do during a winter storm to stay safe.

  2. Flood Preparedness

    Many parts of South Snohomish County flood every year, including areas that have no history of floods. Flooding most commonly occurs from November through February during periods of heavy rainfall. Preparing in advance will save residents time and reduce risks families and their property.

  3. Garbage & Recycling Pick-Up

    Garbage will be collected on the next regularly scheduled collection day. In addition, WM will provide a drop-box at a central location for customers who have immediate disposal needs. When heavy snow prevented weekly collection in 2008, large collection boxes were located at the Civic Center.

  4. Property Owner Responsibilities

    Mountlake Terrace homeowners and business/property owners are responsible for clearing snow and ice off driveways and sidewalks near their property, including the ridge of snow left along the edge of driveways by the snowplow. The city will not plow driveways.

  5. Protect Pipes in Freezing Weather

    Cold, freezing weather can lead to frozen water pipes. Here are some basic tips on how to prevent freezing pipes and what to do if pipes do freeze or burst.

  6. Snow Removal

    Mountlake Terrace Public Works Department cannot eliminate all of the impacts of a snow or ice emergency, but their goal is to provide service to lessen the impact to the public.