Construction Updates & Projects

Updated 5/22/2017

1. 44th/224th/45th Water Main, Sanitary Sewer, and Storm Drain Improvements - 

Construction is substantially complete. Only minor activity is anticipated but temporary lane closures may periodically occur. A temporary lane closure is expected through the weekend until Monday 5/15.

2. 56th Avenue W & 238th Street SW

Construction is ongoing. Temporary lane shifts and possible lane closures on 56th Avenue W may occur throughout the week. Temporary lane closures on 238th Street SW will occur with flagging, but no full roadway closures with detours will occur.

3. 222nd St SW & 58th Ave W

Gas main work is complete. Lane closures may occur but no full roadway closures are anticipated.

4. 244th St SW-NE 205th St between Gateway Blvd & 56th Ave W 

Construction activity south of the roadway is ongoing and temporary lane shifts are expected. No roadway closures are anticipated. 

5. Southbound 48th Ave W south of 216th St SW

Overnight closures for repaving of the 48th Ave W are expected.