Construction Updates & Projects

Updated 10/20/2017

1. Lakeview Drive west of Nile Driveway
 The City’s contractor will be installing a replacement light pole on Saturday 10/21. A lane closure will occur approximately where the roadway curves west of the Nile driveway. Flaggers will alternate traffic travelling on Lakeview Dr.

2. Westbound 220th St SW Lane Closure
  Driveway replacement work north of 220th St SW west of 66th Ave W may close the right-most westbound lane of 220th St SW on Thursday and Friday (10/26 to 10/27), although the contractor’s plans are not yet approved. This closure would extend through 66th Ave W but would maintain access to business driveways and the westbound right-turn lane to northbound 66th Ave W. Additional updates will occur once traffic control plans are approved before lane closures occur.

3. 52nd Ave W between 219th St & 220th St

Temporary lane closures may occur while school construction is ongoing.

4. 46th Ave W between 228th St SW & 226th St SW

Gas main work is complete and restoration activity will likely continue over several week. No lane closures are expected.

5. 228th St SW sidewalk

Infrequently lane closures may occur along 228th St SW but the sidewalk west of 66th Ave W and east of 68th Pl W will be closed and rerouted onto the roadway shoulder.

6. 244th St SW-NE 205th St between Gateway Blvd & 56th Ave W

Construction activity south of the roadway, including 19th Street in Shoreline, is ongoing and temporary lane shifts are expected. No roadway closures are anticipated.