Traffic Alerts


(See map below)

Construction Update Week of 03/09/2020

1. Atlas 236 – 55th Ave. W and 236th St. SW

Expect lane shifts on 56th Avenue W and 236th St SW.  Also expect lane delays on 55th Ave. W.  In addition, the contractor plans to dismantle the crane which will require detours for WB traffic on 236th St. SW to travel north on 54th Ave. W, west on 232nd St. SW and south on 56th Ave W.  For EB traffic on 236th St. SW to travel south on 56th Ave. W, east on 238th  St. SW and north on 564h Ave W.

2. Main Street Revitalization – 236th St. SW and 58th Ave. W 

On 236th St. SW, utility work on both sides of the roadway will result in lane shifts and lane closures with flagging operation throughout the week.  Travel will be maintained on both sides of 236th St. SW.  Expect minor delays.

3. Transit Center

Drivers should be aware of construction vehicles making right-ins and right-outs on 220th St. SW, east of 64th Ave. W.

During daytime hours and occasional nighttime hours at the Transit Center entrance, construction operations will cause lane closures with flagging on 236th St. SW. in both directions. Expect minor delays.

4. Solana Townhomes- - 55th Ave. W and 240th St. SW

Utility connections are currently being built.  Expect lane shifts/closures.  Minor delays are expected.

5. Tamblyn Townhomes- - 58th Ave. W and 230th St. SW

Clearing, grading and utility connections will be conducted on-site.  Expect trucks entering and exiting the site causing minor delays.

6. Creekside PUD – 226th St. W and 70th Ave. W

The site is being graded.  Expect trucks entering and leaving the site and minor delays.

7. Civic Center Campus- - 58th Ave. W and 238th St. SW

Utility work will begin in the right of way on 58th Ave. W and 232nd St. SW next week.  Expect lane closures with flaggers and minor delays. 

Access to the Police Station will be provided from the library parking lot.