Transportation Benefit District

The Transportation Benefit District (TBD) Board was disbanded effective December 31, 2016. Approval of TBD actions now occur by the City Council at their regular meetings. 
Transportation Benefit Districts are authorized by state law solely for the purpose of transportation improvements. They are a type of special district. A Transportation Benefit District (TBD) was established by Ordinance No. 2584 of the Mountlake Terrace City Council in December 2011.

The Mountlake Terrace TBD Board consists of City Council members in an independent ex officio role as required by State law. The TBD Board had its first meeting on January 3, 2012 and adopted TBD Ordinance No. 1 to provide a $20 annual vehicle license fee.

The TBD's priority project is the Downtown Main Street Revitalization Project. The Main Street Project will design street, pedestrian, and bicycle enhancements along with improvements to utilities, street lighting and signals, stormwater systems, and undergrounding of overhead power along 56th Avenue (236th Street north to 230th Street), and 232nd and 234th Streets, as well as along 236th Street from 56th Avenue to the Transit Station.

Main Street Revitalization Project

Main Street Map_2015
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