Community Livability

  1. Contamination

    Can through information about how to properly report spills and other contamination control issues.

  2. EcoConsumer Waste Calculator

    In addition to looking for alternative ways for waste disposal, working towards reducing your total amount of waste produced throughout your house is the most effective way to decrease your carbon footprint. To calculate your household trash impact be sure to use the King County solid waste calculator.

  3. Garbage

    Learn what sustainability tips there are for garbage.

  4. Home Improvements

    As you pursue routine repairs on your home, we encourage you to consider sustainable alternatives for home retrofits.

  5. Irrigation

    Receive tips for better water use in your yard.

  6. Non-Toxic Alternatives to Household Cleaners

    Many household cleaners and pest control products are extremely toxic and have serious impacts on both environmental and human health. Fortunately, there are many easy and inexpensive alternatives to traditional household cleaners that you can make in your own home.

  7. Tree Planting Guide

    Tree preservation and protection is an important component of quality urban living. View tips that will help you manage the trees in your care.

  8. Yard Maintenance

    As a Mountlake Terrace resident, we encourage you to view your yard as a habitat connected not only to your City neighbors but throughout larger regions.