Storm Water Division

Mountlake Terrace was one of the first cities in the Puget Sound region to incorporate storm water activities as part of a combined Utility Fund in the mid 1960s. On January 1, 2000 the Utility Fund was separated into Water, Sewer and Storm Water Utilities to provide a dedicated funding source to each division.


The mission of the Storm Water Utility is to maintain, operate and administer the City’s natural and developed storm and surface water conveyance system. The Utility ensures that the natural and developed storm water systems protect water quality, enhance habitat, control flooding, and comply with state and federal requirements.


The storm water management program developed through the Utility provides for a number of essential storm water related activities including a comprehensive facility maintenance plan, a public education and outreach component, inspection of commercial and multifamily housing sites for proper operation and maintenance of storm water treatment and control facilities, identification of illicit discharges to the storm water system, spill cleanup response for accidental discharges, and management of a volunteer water quality monitoring program on Lake Ballinger. 
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