Commute Trip Reduction

Transportation is a key issue for economic development and livability. Mountlake Terrace participates with the Washington State Department of Transportation, Snohomish County, transit agencies, and other cities to promote transportation efficiency, walkability, and to reduce commute trips locally and in the region. 
The Commute Trip Reduction plan seeks to reduce non-drive-alone trips. By state law, RCW 70.94.527, any employer with 100 or more employees who arrive between 6:00 am and 9:00 am on weekdays is to develop and implement a Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) plan. Such employers are defined as "affected" or "major" employers.

Any county or jurisdiction with an "affected" or "major" employer must have a CTR plan. In the City of Mountlake Terrace, there are currently three major employers. The City is one of the major employers. 

Commute Trip Reduction Plan

The City of Mountlake Terrace is responsible to develop and adopt a CTR Plan that applies citywide to all affected employers (including the City). The Plan was most recently updated February 2017. It focuses to increase the total number of non-drive alone vehicular trips on the most successful strategies.

The Plan outlines tools and incentives employers can offer to encourage employees to drive with more than one occupant in the vehicle and/or to use alternative transportation such as the bus, train, ferry, bicycle and to bicycle and to walk. By 2023, people who live or work in Mountlake Terrace may be able to use light rail to commute.

The objective is to increase the number of non-drive-alone vehicular trips by seven percent in the next two years. This would reduce the overall number of vehicles on the roadways and the number of individual trips taken and improve air quality.

The CRT Plan identifies ways that employers and individuals can make changes in driving habits and patterns. Some examples are for employers to provide preferential parking for high occupancy vehicles, to subsidize transit fares, to encourage and/or facilitate use of vanpool or carpool, to provide secure and sheltered bicycle parking facilities, locker rooms, changing areas and showers, and flex-work arrangements. Employees can periodically use an alternative mode of transportation, ask their employer about incentive programs or reimbursement or subsidies for using transit, and use the Community Transit online ride matching program to find a co-commuter.

This plan is in effect until mid-2019. The Commute Trip Reduction Plan is periodically reviewed and updated to ensure consistency with changes in state law and successful implementation strategies. The next update to the City's CTR plan will be in 2019.

Mountlake Terrace Commute Trip Reduction Plan 2017-2019
Mountlake Terrace Commute Trip Reduction Plan