Mountlake Terrace Dance Programs

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Summer Dance Classes
July 10th - August 25th

for kids and adults
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Summer Camps M-F
Starting July 10th

for kids
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2017-18 Dance Academy
Registration Begins August 1st

Summer Dance Camps are offered after the 4th of July for 7 weeks. Dance camps are a great way to introduce kids ages 3-19 to new dance forms or to immerse them in the dance they love.

Dance Academy Classes
offer children 3.5-19 years old a full year's dance curriculum with two theater performance opportunities. One in the Winter and one in the Spring. This program offers Creative Dance, Pre-Ballet, Ballet I-VI, Pointe, Lyrical, Jazz I-V, Tap I-III, Hip Hop I- IV, Irish Step Dance I-V and combination classes. Children are placed in class level by age and ability at the director and teachers discretion.

Quarterly Dance Classes offer children 3 - 6 years, Teens 13+ and adults the opportunity to try something new and to have a recreational dance experience with a short term commitment. We offer Creative Dance, Beginning Ballet, Open Level Ballet, Tap, Flamenco, East Coast Swing, Salsa, and other ballroom styles.
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Dress Code

In general:

​Never wear your dance shoes outside. Always change your shoes at the studio door.
​Everyone's hair must be secured off their face so they can focus on learning to move.
​Jeans and other non-flexible fabrics are not appropriate for dance.
​Adult classes are not required to follow a dress code but should use it as a guide. Appropriate shoes for each style are needed.

Creative Dance

​Boys - sweats or shorts and a plain t-shirt, bare feet
​Girls - any color leotard, footless tights or leggings, bare feet

Creative Pre-Ballet & Ballet I - VI

​Boys - plaint t-shirt, black tights or leggings, black leather ballet shoes
​Girls - black leotard, pink tights, pink leather ballet shoes
​Level II-VI must have their hair in a bun. Pre-Ballet & Level I are practicing buns.

Tap & Ballet

​Boys - plain t-shirt, black leggings, black leather ballet shoes & black tap shoes
​Girls - black leotard, pink tights, pink leather ballet shoes, hair in a ponytail or bun
​*Tap shoe fasteners are for sale at the front desk and shorten the time it takes to change shoes

Tap / Jazz / Jazz combo classes / Lyrical

​Boys & Girls - black jazz pants, plain t-shirt or leotard
​Tap shoes, Jazz shoes, Bare Feet - respectively

Hip Hop

​Boys & Girls - clean dance sneakers that haven't been worn outside, sportswear

Irish Step Dance

​Boys & Girls - sportswear, black ghillies or black ballet slippers