Quarterly Dance Classes

Summer dance classes start July 10th and run for 7 weeks.

Quarterly classes are scheduled in short sessions for participants that want to try something new or need a short term commitment. You can join these classes at any time. However, we need 5 or more participants to run a class. Don't wait to register! Get signed up and give yourself or your child dance time!
If you're still not ready to commit, you can try a quarterly class by paying a drop in fee. When you discover you really love it, that fee can go towards your registration for the session. All participants need to fill out an emergency waiver once a year. See the link below.
East Coast Swing

Summer Adult Dance Schedule


7:30-8:30 Flamenco
​​Instructor Wendy Kostecka


​6:30-7:30 Tap
​7:45-9:00 Ballet
​Instructor Kathryn Hightower


​6:45-7:45 Hustle and Night Club Two Step
​7:45-8:45 Salsa
​Instructor Catherine Abaya


​6:30-7:30 Waltz and Foxtrot
​Instructor Maria Kesovija