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Posted on: June 12, 2017

City Hall Advisory Committee Recommendation

The City Hall Advisory Committee held an open house June 5 to highlight the community outreach and work done in the past five months. They then presented their recommendation to the City Council.

An open house was held Monday, June 5 to celebrate the City Hall Advisory Committee and community’s work on a City Hall project recommendation to the City Council. The open house highlighted the community outreach and work done over the past five months. The recommendation was for a “base model” City Hall totaling 19,210SF for $11.6 million, less than half of the previous two ballot measures that were $25 million proposals, and placing a 30-year tax exempt municipal bond measure on the November 2017 ballot.

Other recommendations included a separate measure on the February 2018 ballot for 3,102SF of space for the Police Department (for just under $1.8 million) if the City Hall measure passes in November. The Committee recommended the city find other funding for the Police Station remodel and a public gathering space on the corner of 232nd and 58th to phase in at a later date.

The Committee favored Preliminary Layout “D” which would give the Police Station a new façade if funding is secured and an offshoot of “D” -- Drawing “G” which has the City Hall connected to the Police Station – was presented on June 5 for the City Council to consider.

The City Council will now review this issue over their next four meetings (June 15, 19, 29 and July 3 [this date may change due to a community event]). “Thanks to all the community members who participated and provided input to help shape this project with the Committee. Please keep following the progress of this project as the City Council discusses the next steps,” stated Community Relations Director Virginia Olsen.

More information about how the public process for this project recommendation can be found at under “What’s New?” and on the “Public Input” webpage:

For more information, please email or call Community Relations Director Virginia Olsen at (425) 744-6206.


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