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Posted on: March 23, 2018

Townhome District Development Regulations Adopted

The affected area abuts the existing Town Center district and is only one lot deep. An ordinance was adopted to create a new Single Household Residential district, RS-T (Transitional). The ordinance also adopted dimensional requirements, development regulations and design standards for the RS-T district.

The new standards require at least five feet of landscaping between the public sidewalk and a townhome, minimum interior parking garage dimensions including dimensional standards for bicycle parking, clear pedestrian connections from public to private property including to the front entry to each townhome, flexibility in the front and rear yard setbacks provided the square footage of landscaped area is retained on site, fencing and landscaping of commercial parking lots, and street trees and lighting. Building design standards will apply to all walls of a townhome to ensure plain, barracks-like walls faces are avoided.

The City expects to receive several applications for townhome developments in the RS-T district in 2018. The applications will need to meet the new development requirement, and new site, building, fence and sign design standards.

For more information, please call the Community and Economic Development Department at (425) 744-6207.


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