Special Event Permits

Having a Special Event?

You may need a permit to ensure your event meets public safety standards and it occurs in a manner that does not unreasonably disturb the neighborhood. Special events include outdoor group activities such as fundraisers, fairs, block parties, exhibitions, parades, and fun runs. Most private events with less than 125 people on private property and do not encroach on public right-of-way do not need a permit.

Special event regulations have been in effect since 2011. Under this process, applications for smaller events are due 30 days prior to the event; large special events are due 60 days prior to the event. The city is required to approve or deny smaller event permit applications within 15 days and larger event applications within 30 days.

Permit Types

There are two types of special event permits: (1) Larger special events involving more than 125 participants; and (2) Smaller special events involving less than 125 participants. 

Group Events in City Parks

Group events planned in a city park need to contact the Parks Department to make arrangements.
Large group events in a city park may also need a special event permit (PDF).

Block Party Permits

Please submit a special event permit (PDF) for block party requests.  

Questions and Submissions

For questions about special permit applications,  please contact Permit Specialists at 425-744-6267 or PermitSpecialist@mltwa.gov.

For submissions, completed applications are to be emailed to PermitApps@mltwa.gov .