Land Use Permits & Approvals

Until further notice, City Hall remains closed to the public. Compliance to COVID-19 mandates has created longer permit processing times. 

Permit submissions are processed in the following manner:

Permit Portal

The permits listed in this column are available on the city website portal:

Email the permits listed below to a Permit Specialist

Intake Appointment Construction Plans

These Permits Require an Appointment with a Permit Specialist

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Make an Appointment with a Permit Specialist

*The Development Permit intake box is located by the front door to City Hall during business hours. To begin processing, a permit specialist will contact you with confirmation of receipt, and provide an invoice of fees due.

To schedule an intake appointment, press this button.

Intake Appointment Construction Plans

Rendering of Terrace Station


Land use development pertains to the development of an existing property. This could include subdivision of property, obtaining site plan entitlement for a project or a master planned development. As a first step, consult our list of Frequently Asked Questions. If your question is not on our FAQs, please fill out the Ask a Permit Specialist Form. Permit approvals are required for development and remodeling activities such as:

Land Use Permit Applications, Checklists and Guides

Fee Schedules

Impact Fee Applications and Schedules