Snowplow Routes

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Your Public Works team is dedicated to reducing the impacts of snow and ice during winter. While the aim is to clear roads for all Mountlake Terrace residents as quickly as possible, plowing is based on priority routes. 

Our first goal is to clear main roads to accommodate police, fire and medical services. In addition, priority will be given to public transportation, school buses and commuter traffic. Once our crews have completed that work, they will move to secondary roads, and lastly, neighborhoods. 

Please understand that if snow continues to fall and accumulate, all removal efforts will return to main roads again. If you do not have a vehicle properly equipped for conditions, please avoid traveling.

The plowing process may create berms across driveways. We know this is inconvenient, but it’s unavoidable as we have to keep rolling to keep everyone safe. If you have a specific hardship, you can email


- Keep a minimum 50-foot distance between your vehicle and snow removal equipment.

- If it is safe to do so, yield the right of way to snow removal equipment.

- Do not pass the plow.

- If at all possible, avoid parking on the street.

- Avoid unnecessary travel.

- Clearing sidewalks is the responsibility of adjacent property owners, per Municipal Code 8.15.040.