Terrace Creek Park

23200 48th Avenue W, also known as "Candy Cane Park"

Terrace Creek Park is a 60-acre park that features paved and natural hiking trails, large play equipment, swings, gazebo, picnic tables, BBQs, an open grass field, and an eighteen hole disc golf course. The park has a portable restroom.


The one-mile partially wooded trail begins at the concrete sidewalk near the play area or at the forested end of the park near the southwest corner of 48th Avenue and 221st Street SW. The park runs adjacent to Lyon Creek and can be slightly muddy in places during the rainy season.

Picnic Area/Playground

The gazebo and picnic area is available on a first come, first served basis.  The playground features swings, slides and climbing toys.

Candy Cane Park History

Terrace Creek Park was established not too long after the city’s incorporation in November of 1954. The first play structure set in the park was painted with red and white stripes. In 1956, the Lady Lions Club donated two new metal play structures consisting of a swing set and a two level climber making sure to keep the red and white painted theme. The children at the time affectionately called the park “Candy Cane Park” and as they grew up, their children continued the tradition.

Residents Celebrated the Restriping of the Swing Set

Children playing on red swings at Terrace Creek
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Terrace Creek Park

Disc Golf Course

An eighteen hole disc golf course winds its way through Terrace Creek Park and boasts challenging play that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

About Disc Golf

Disc golf is similar to traditional golf, but instead of golf balls and clubs, players use a flying disc or Frisbee®. The sport was developed in the 1970s and like traditional golf, the object of the game is to complete each hole in the fewest strokes or, for disc golf, the fewest throws. A golf disc is thrown from a tee to the "hole." The hole can be one of several targets; the most common being the Pole Hole®, which is an elevated metal basket.

For more information about the disc golf course, contact Seattle Disc Golf 425-670-2548.

Disc Golf Course Map