Traffic Alerts

(See map below)
Updated 8/9/19

1.  Atlas 236 – 55th Avenue W and 236th Street SW

Expect lane shifts on 56th Avenue W.  Sidewalk will be closed on 236th St. SW between 55th Avenue W. and 56th Avenue W during the day.  Also expect lane closures on 55th Ave. W.

2.  Main Street Revitalization – 236th Street SW and 58th Avenue W

The Main Street Revitalization Project construction work on 236th Street SW and 56th Avenue W is ongoing and on schedule. Speed limits within the construction zone are currently reduced to 20 mph.

During daytime working hours, Eastbound 236th St SW will continue to be closed between 58th and 56th Ave W during when brief lane shifts and lane closures with flagging may occur. Two-way travel throughout the construction area will be provided outside of daytime working hours. Flaggers will be on duty to help people through the construction zone.

3.  220th Street SW Adaptive Signals Project

Occasional lane reductions may occur at the 220th St SW I‑5 interchange. Multiple nighttime closures of northbound and southbound I‑5 off-ramps are anticipated in later weeks and are subject to coordination with both I‑5 paving and Sound Transit projects.

4.  Sound Transit

WSDOT’s I‑5 Right-of-Way:  Tree removal and preliminary grading activity are ongoing. The Southbound I‑5 on-ramp from 220th St SW will be closed overnight Tuesday (8/13) through Friday (8/16) morning.

Private Parcels:  Some demolition work of single family properties throughout Mountlake Terrace is ongoing with related minor material and equipment hauling occurring. Onsite site construction at the former Roger’s Market site continues.

City Roadways:  Temporary lane shifts may be encountered near Sound Transit activities at single family home demolition and the former Roger’s Market site.

5.  I-5 Paving

Nighttime paving and expansion joint work on I‑5 and ramps will continue throughout this week. Work on ramps to and from SR 104 will occur on multiple days with signed detour routes. Note that the 228th/230th St SW roadway is anticipated to be closed for one night the following week (the week of 8/19).