216th St SW & 48th Ave W Intersection Improvements

2019 Safe Routes to School Project

216th St. SW and 48th Ave. W Intersection Safety Improvements

Project Description

The 216th St. SW and 48th Ave. W project consists of constructing safety improvements and providing safety education and encouragement to students in order to provide safer walking and bicycling conditions for Mountlake Terrace Elementary and High School students.  The project will result in continuous sidewalks on the north side of 216th Pl. SW/216th St. SW, from 52nd Ave. W (Mountlake Terrace Elementary) to 44th Ave. W (Mountlake Terrace High School).  

The project will install ADA compliant curb ramps, including the ramps at the northwest, southwest and southeast corners of the intersection where none currently exist; construct curb extensions on all four corners of the intersection to encourage slower vehicle speeds and improve sight lines for drivers to more easily identify pedestrians; install a rectangular rapid flashing beacon (RRFB) pedestrian crossing warning light system at the intersection and crosswalks on four legs of the intersection;  complete approximately 150 feet of sidewalk along 48th Ave. W and 216th St. SW to eliminate gaps in the sidewalk system; and install two vehicle speed feedback signs along 48th Ave. W, capable of recording speed data which can be downloaded and reviewed to assist with targeted police enforcement.  

Funds for education and encouragement of students to walk and/or bike to school will be used for a school assembly at Mountlake Terrace Elementary, and traffic safety components in 9th grade health and 12th grade Personal Finance classes at Mountlake Terrace High School.  

Project Goal

The elimination of sidewalk gaps will improve the pedestrian connectivity through the 216th St. SW/216th Pl. SW corridor.  The installation of curb extensions, an RRFB and speed feedback signs will collectively improve pedestrian safety at the intersection by:

  • shortening the crossing distances at the intersection which reduces the pedestrian’s exposure to vehicle traffic,
  • reducing vehicular speed near the intersection; and,
  • improving driver’s awareness of pedestrians before they cross the street.

The location of the project, specifically targets the safety of more vulnerable younger, school-age residents of Mountlake Terrace due to its proximity to both schools.

 Funding Sources

Washington State Safe Routes to School Grant -$468,194

City of Mountlake Terrace Local Funds - $185,049

Snohomish County Public Works Assistance Fund - $565,962

 Project Timeline

Design and Contract Document Preparation – Spring-summer 2023

Construction – 2024

216th St. SW and 48th Ave. W Intersection Safety Improvements - Detail