Earthquake Preparedness

One of the first actions you can do to prepare your home for an earthquake is to take a look and identify potential hazards. Identifying items that could fall and injure someone is a great start to making your home safer. Once you have done that, you can take actions to minimize those risks.

Good starter activities to prepare your home include:

  • Strapping down televisions, computers and other expensive or hazardous electronics.
  • Securing or moving heavy pictures and mirrors located over beds or other furniture.
  • Bracing water heaters and make sure that gas models have flexible connections.
  • Knowing how and when to shut off utilities.

For a full list of earthquake damage prevention measures and retrofits ─ including a cut-away diagram of where these potential hazards can be found in your home ─ download the FEMA brochure Earthquake Home Hazard Hunt at

Anchoring Household Items Graphic

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