Main Street Revitalization Project

56th Avenue

The City of Mountlake Terrace’s “Main Street” Revitalization is improving and reconstructing degraded roadways to both current Town Center streetscape and multi-modal standards. The project is divided into multiple construction phases. Phase 1 completed in 2020 rebuilt 236th Street SW from I-5 to 56th Avenue W. Phase 2A includes improvements to 56th Avenue W from 236th Street SW to north of 230th Street SW and is currently under final design and is soon beginning right-of-way acquisition.

Phase 2B includes preliminary engineering for development of a new roadway, 57th Ave W between 236th St SW and 232nd St SW.

Phase 2A will reconstruct the existing deteriorating roadway pavement to allow two travel lanes, bike lanes, and a center turn lane. Other work includes: replace curb and gutter, construct sidewalks with tree wells, LED pedestrian and street lighting, upgrade storm drainage, upgrade curb ramps to current ADA guidelines, underground overhead utilities, and modify/upgrade traffic signals including installation of optical fiber and connection to the City of Lynnwood's Traffic Control Center. The Phase 2A project will result in an estimated 188 construction jobs, and support more than 1,400 new permanent jobs. The project supports development of over 1,100 housing units and will improve walkability, expand use of public space, and enhance connectivity to regional growth centers and the University of Washington. The project also adds value to regional Sound Transit Link Light Rail investments.


Phase Start End
Combined Phase 1 & 2 Design October 2013 Phase 1 – October 2018
Phase 2 – June 2022 (estimated)
Phase 1 Right-of-Way Acquisition February 2018 March 2018
Phase 1 Construction February 2019 July 2020 (substantially)
Phase 2A Right-of-Way Acquisition March 2024 (estimated) March 2025 (estimated)
Phase 2A Construction April 2025 (estimated) December 2025 (estimated)
Phase 2B Preliminary Design April 2025 (estimated) December 2025 (estimated)