Saving Gas

If you have a car ride ahead of you this holiday season keep the following gas saving driving tips in mind:

  • Avoid quick starts and aggressive driving. A smooth, steady speed saves gasoline and reduces wear and tear on the engine, tires, transmission and brakes.
  • Slow down! Fuel economy decreases about 1% for each mph over 55. Driving 65 mph vs. 55 miles mph, for example, consumes about 10% more fuel.
  • Use overdrive and cruise control. Overdrive gears slow engine speeds, saving gasoline and reducing wear. By helping to maintain a constant speed, cruise control reduces gasoline consumption. Use both features only when safe and appropriate.
  • Combine trips when possible. Your engine runs more efficiently once it's warmed up, so consolidate your errands into one trip vs. making multiple short trips. Stop-and-go driving also burns more gasoline. Avoid driving during rush hour whenever you can.
  • Reduce drag. Improperly inflated tires can reduce fuel economy by 3% and make handling more difficult. Remove roof racks, tow-hook carriers, and other items from your vehicle that cause wind resistance.
  • Avoid unnecessary idling. In addition to contributing to engine wear and tear and air pollution, consider that when your vehicle is idling, you are getting 0 miles per gallon of gasoline you use.

Tips provided by Green Driving USA. For more tips see visit the Green Driving USA website.