Town Center Subarea Plan

Town Center Zoning Districts updated July 2022 (002)

The Town Center Subarea Plan and related development regulations encourage the revitalization of the City's Town Center. The development of additional housing, offices, retail and commercial stores and community amenities are all future opportunities. Highlights of the updated plan include:

  • Three Town Center Districts within a reconfigured Town Center Core boundary
  • Creation of a Town Center reserve district
  • Amended zoning code and design standards
  • Implementation of a Planned Action Area Ordinance that will create a more efficient environmental review process

The Town Center Subarea Plan allows for building heights up to 12 stories near the transit center. Lower building heights, ranging from 4-8 stories, will be allowed in surrounding areas. A reserve area adjacent to portions of the Town Center Boundary is also included. 

Mixed Use development emphasizing residential and office space uses potentially add approximately 3,000 new multifamily housing units and 625,000 new square feet of commercial space (215,000 square feet of retail and 410,000 square feet of office). Results are approximately 6,600 new residents and 1,953 new jobs in the Town Center.

The four Town Center Districts are as follows:

  • TC-1 District - Emphasizes transit-oriented employment development for Town Center areas closest to Mountlake Terrace Transit Center and future light rail station. Building heights from 6 to 12-stories will be allowed.
  • TC-2 District - Functions  as the retail, cultural, dining and entertainment activity center. Building heights from 4 to 8 stories will be allowed.
  • TC-3 District - Emphasizes multi-family residential uses, serving as buffer areas adjacent to the transitional zone that is situated outside the Town Center core. Building heights from 4 to 6 stories will be allowed. 
  • TC-Reserve District - Allows for a smaller scale mixture of multifamily, retail commercial and professional office uses. Building heights from 2 to 4 stories.

The updated plan is the result of work that began with the Economic Vitality and Town Center Task Force in February of 2018. The Task Force recommended updates to the Planning Commission in December of 2018. Following an extensive public process, the Planning Commission submitted a recommendation to the City Council in July of 2019. View the Town Center Subarea Plan.

The City Council and Administration hereby expresses our sincere appreciation to the Task Force, Planning Commission, residents and businesses for participating in this process.

Environmental Review
Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement: Mountlake Terrace issued a Final SEIS for the Town Center Subarea Planned Action Ordinance and associated implementation ordinances on September 18, 2019. The final SEIS supplements the Mountlake Terrace Town Center Planned Action and Zoning Regulations Final Environmental Impact Statement (Final EIS), published in August 2007, and the Town Center Planned Action Final EIS Addendum, published in April 2013.

The Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (Draft SEIS) is available as well. 

Plan Adoption

On September 26, 2019 the City Council adopted a series of ordinances resulting in changes/updates of multiple areas in the City of Mountlake Terrace. The Comprehensive Plan, development regulations, official zoning map, Economic Vitality Element, Planned Action Area and the re-designation of 1.3 acres of property for Park and Open Space for adoption were all portions of the city affected by these adoptions. 

City Council: The City Council conducted 8 public meetings including a walking tour, two joint meetings with the Planning Commission (related to the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement process) and a Council hosted public hearing.  The City Council began formally reviewing the Planning Commission’s recommended draft subarea plan at its July 22, 2019 meeting.  On September 16, 2019, the City Council held a public hearing regarding the City’s Comprehensive Plan (map and text amendments), Development Regulations and official zoning map, Economic Vitality Element, Planned Action Ordinance and the re-designation of 1.3 acres of property for Park and Open Space for adoption. Materials presented during City Council meetings and a Council hosted public hearing can be found on the City Council Agendas webpage.

NOTE: See the September 26, 2019 Agenda for additional information related to the above listed items.

NOTE: Materials presented during Task Force and Planning Commission meetings can be found on the Economic Vitality & Town Center Task Force webpage or Planning Commission Agendas webpage.