Town Center Vision Guides Future

Mountlake Terrace is reinventing its downtown to create a vibrant attractive Town Center. An adopted Town Center Plan calls for development of new stores, restaurants, offices, and housing in the 68-acre downtown zone. Wider sidewalks, street trees, and a public plaza for community use are part of the mix.

The Plan and City code allow owners in the core of the Town Center—the area called the Town Square or superblock—to build up to seven stories with a step-back requirement for the upper stories. At the intersection of 56th and 236th, new development can be built up to five stories and in one other block up to six stories. In the rest of the downtown, development is limited to three or four stories, depending on the district. The City has a form-based code for downtown. Special design standards apply to all new development.

A Planned Action Ordinance has been adopted, incorporation environmental information and streamlining development review.