Stormwater Division Services

Besides flood prevention, water quality protection, and maintenance of public storm water conveyance systems, the division provides the following services:

  • Emergency response - If you observe anything that might be an emergency, such as flooding, fish or wildlife kill, or drain cover missing, call 425-670-8264.
  • Water quality protection - The city provides programs preventing and controlling stormwater pollution. To learn more, call 425-744-6226. City staff investigate all reports of surface water quality problems and provide technical assistance to private and commercial property owners to meet state and local standards. To report a spill, call 425-670-8264.
  • Private system maintenance inspection - Private and commercial storm water conveyance systems are routinely inspected to keep the drainage flowing for the entire city. For more information, call 425-744-6226.
  • Educational and public outreach programs - The city sponsors water quality curriculum for local schools, delivered through the Snohomish Conservation District.  We also communicate good practices for residents and businesses to prevent water quality pollution.
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Spill Emergency Response Program 
Report spills by calling the spill control hotline at 425-670-8264 weekdays between 7 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.  Call 911 after hours, on weekends, or during holidays. 
You can also contact Stormwater Program Manager Laura Reed through email or by calling 425-744-6226. 

The Mountlake Terrace Stormwater team responders are on standby 24/7 to respond to spills. The goal of the spill emergency response program is to divert, mitigate or clean up immediate or imminent threats to the environment. Spill responders receive in-depth training on hazardous materials and spill response and conduct regular training exercises.

What is a spill?
A spill is an active discharge where there is an imminent threat to human health or the environment. Spills may include such events as paint, oil, pesticide, antifreeze, and sewage spills near a catch basin. 

What if I cause a spill? 
Report it. Mountlake Terrace code requires that as soon as an individual has information of any known or suspected release of materials which are resulting or may result in illegal discharges or pollutant they shall take all necessary steps to ensure discovery, containment, and cleanup. The individuals shall notify the emergency response program no later than the next business day. 
In the State of Washington, there are mandatory reporting requirements for spills. Please visit the Department of Ecology reporting page for more information on mandatory reporting requirements. 
When you contact the Spill Control Hotline have the following information available: 

  • An address or cross streets 
  • The material that has spilled 
  • The estimated volume of material that spilled
  • What time the spill occurred or when you first observed it
  • Contact information (name and phone number)

Have a spill plan in place
If you are a business, chances are you are required by the Mountlake Terrace Code to have a spill plan and a spill kit on hand to deal with the types and volumes of materials you store on site.  

Learn more about how to be prepared at your business below! 

Oil Spill
WISA ice melt spill
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