In 1964, a group of citizen organized a committee to help promote passage of a Parks and Recreation Bond Issue. Many people worked diligently on this effort. The people of Mountlake Terrace voted passage of the bond issue in November of 1964.

Late in 1966, the firm of Stevens, Thompson and Runyan was engaged to make a site and design report for a recreation, swimming facility. Plans were solidified in late summer of 1966 at which time the city was able to offer sale of the bond issue that had been passed in 1964. Land acquisition, was also approved making the Pavilion site one of the largest areas within the overall park system. Bids for construction were invited in late August and on September 14, 1967 Simone Construction Company was awarded the general contract. Ground breaking ceremonies took place the first week in October 1967. Approximately one year from the start of construction, the Recreation Pavilion project was completed in November 1968.

Decades have passed since the Recreation Pavilion first opened its doors (1968). During this period of time, the Recreation Pavilion has served well over 400,000 participants each year. Often referred to as the busiest recreation/swimming pool facility in the Pacific Northwest, the Recreation Pavilion kept pace with meeting the recreational needs of the community and customers.

In 1995 there was a renovation, relocation and expansion of the Men and Women’s public locker rooms, relocation of office space and hot tub and the addition of mechanical room and office and the guard station and laundry room. The hot tub was relocated to the South East Corner of the pool, along with the mechanical room and the addition of a guard station/laundry room; men’s and women’s staff locker rooms.

The public locker rooms were relocated to the North East Corner with entrances from both the lobby and the pool deck. The old center “fishbowl” office was removed and a new office space added to the west side of the lobby.

In meeting the needs of today customers, a new leisure pool concept was developed 2002 to include more space for swim lessons, water fitness and interactive play attractions like a “lazy river”. Along with a new leisure pool design, replacement of inefficient and outdated mechanical, electrical and HVAC systems were included as part of a state energy loan, to be paid back with guaranteed saving in energy costs. The remaining project costs will be paid through existing operating revenue that became available due to the retirement of a prior debt issue. Other improvements to the Pavilion that occurred in 2002 included the replacement of the roof, converting 3 racquetball courts to activity spaces as well as remodeling the front office area.

Leading up to the start of the Pavilion Renovation project, a special “Last Splash” pool party took place on November 26 and 27.

On November 28, 2002 the swimming pool was drained and the mechanical contractor, Abacus, began work on the plumbing, HVAC, electrical and lighting systems. The swimming pool general contractor, William Smith and Associates began demolition work on December 9. The swimming pool project was completed and opened to the public on April 7, 2003.