Ballinger Park

23000 Lakeview Drive

Ballinger Park is a 55 acre Park on the north and east shores of Lake Ballinger. This park houses a multipurpose sport complex, the Mickey Corso Community Clubhouse, a 42 acre natural park area and a boat launch.

The sports complex consists of a full length multipurpose sports field used for baseball, softball and soccer. The playground amenities include two play structures and picnic tables.

The Mickey Corso Community Clubhouse is operated by the Mountlake Terrace Senior Center with community programming and available room rentals.

The Boat Launch is located on the east shore of the 100 acre Lake Ballinger and offers one of the only public boating, fishing and swimming areas on the lake. Amenities include a boat launch, fishing pier, beach access, picnic tables, barbecues, swimming beach and restroom facilities. Year round fishing is available.

The natural park area is a former nine-hole golf course converted to a natural area with nature trails, ponds, hall creek and is adjacent to the Interurban Trail to the west and the Lakeview Trail to the east. A Master Plan for this area of the park was adopted in 2015 and can be found here: Ballinger Park Master Plan

Ballinger Park is a 55-acre passive park that was a former 9-hole golf course and features beautiful Lake Ballinger.

Lake Ballinger with Rower

Ballinger Park is a Habitat for Birds and Wildlife

Black Bird clinging to reed at Ballinger Park

Aerial Photo of Beach and Dock by Dean Wallace

PND Drone Pic_Complete_02.06.22

Swim Beach Sample Results 

Samples are collected by the city weekly during summer months from the swim beach at Lake Ballinger, typically on Monday mornings. These tests are taken to ensure the water is safe for swimming and other recreational activities. This test indicates the presence of fecal matter that is naturally present in people, dogs, geese, ducks, and other warm-blooded animals. 

If an individual or dog swims at the beach during periods when levels of bacteria are high, they may get sick.  Common symptoms include diarrhea, nausea, stomachaches, headaches, or fever. Children, elderly people, and people with weakened immune systems have a higher risk of getting sick.

  • If the sample is less than 320 cfu/100ml, the beach is OK for swimming.
  • If the sample is greater than 320 cfu/100ml, we immediately retest.  
  • If the second sample comes back greater than 320cfu/100ml, we close the beach. If the second sample is less than 320 cfu/100ml, we continue to monitor with increased attention on conditions, but do not close the swimming beach. 

Email for more information. 

*cfu=Colony Forming Units 

Summertime Weekly Fecal Coliform Testing has Ended

FC samples 2023

Rental Information

For field reservation and information contact the Mountlake Terrace Pavilion at 425-776-9173

For information on renting the Lakeview Room at the Ballinger Clubhouse please contact the Mountlake Terrace Senior Center at 425-672-2407.


The area featured beautiful Lake Ballinger that is bordered by Edmonds to the west and Mountlake Terrace to the east. The lake was originally called Lake McAleer after Hugh McAleer, a logger who owned much of the land around the lake. The island in the lake was said to have been discovered by Ira Bartholomew in 1890 who built a homestead on the island with his wife, Julia. 

Judge Richard Achilles Ballinger (who was elected Seattle Mayor in 1904) was fishing on the lake and struck up a conversation with Ira Bartholomew.  He purchased the property in 1901 and named it after his father (Richard Henry Ballinger) who was a Civil War Veteran. Richard A. Ballinger later became Secretary of the Interior in the William Taft administration.

The Great Western Lumber Company operated from the northwest shore of Lake Ballinger in the early 1900's. The lumber company floated logs across the lake to the mill which was located adjacent to the Interurban Railway that delivered supplies between Seattle and Everett.

Football Practice at Ballinger Playfield

Football practice at Ballinger Playfield

Home on the Island at Lake Ballinger

Home on Lake Ballinger Island Early 1900s

Great Western Lumber Company, 1907

Great Western Lumber Company 1907 on west shore of Lake Ballinger