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Town Center Park/Plaza – We Value Your Input!

  1. The City of Mountlake Terrace is interested in your views on the Town Center Park/Plaza Options 1-3. We appreciate you taking a few moments and responding to the following questions. Thank you.

  2. All three concepts for Town Center Plaza, while differing in overall geometry, are open, accessible and readily programmable for a variety of public gatherings and events. Variations include level of integration of the sidewalk space, furniture types and placement, water features, paving and lighting elements, plantings, etc. Please let us know your preferences, likes and dislikes or suggestions.

  3. Concept 1
    Town Center Park/Plaza Option 1

  4. Concept 2
    Town Center Park/Plaza Option 2

  5. Concept 3
    Town Center Park/Plaza Option 3

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