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Code Enforcement Inquiry and Reporting Form

  1. General Code Enforcement Information
    Please note that messages are received during normal business hours. If you need assistance sooner, or if you are reporting: a parking compliant a littering or illegal dumping complaint, or a noise complaint, call 9-1-1 or the non-emergency number 425-407-3999.
  2. Do you want to include contact information.
    You may report a violation without including your personal information, but we will not be able to follow-up with you if we have additional questions.
  3. General Instructions
    Please allow 5 business days for a response to a non-emergency Code Enforcement violation. Code Enforcement Officers investigate complaints in a timely manner, but please note that property owners are allowed reasonable time to make corrections. If you do not see changes, it may be that the violation in this "due process" stage. If condition worsens, you may wish report additional information to the Code Enforcement Officers.
  4. Please describe in detail what you are reporting.
  5. Please give the address or specific location of the violation.
  6. When did this violation begin or occur? How long has violation existed.
  7. Is there anything else we need to know?
  8. Response to Complaints
    Thank you for contacting the Mountlake Terrace Police Department Code Enforcement Division.
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