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Trees for Terrace Street Tree Application

  1. Instructions

    Fill out this form to sign up for your free street tree!  New trees need to be watered to survive the first two summers after they are planted. By completing and sending this form, you are agreeing to water your tree 15-20 gallons of water a week, July through mid-September (approximate cost for water = 22 cents a week.) A free watering bag and mulch will also be provided along with your tree. Retail value for street trees is approximately $175-$300. For a map showing where trees can be planted, photos & descriptions of available trees, and other information, follow this link to the Trees for Terrace web page. Your tree will be planted for you in fall 2023 by a trained field crew as part of the program. Some restrictions apply: only Mountlake Terrace residents are eligible; only small trees under overhead wires; trees must be set back from underground utilities and pavement to avoid damage from roots (see utility map on Trees for Terrace web page); tree selection is limited by available tree stock and grant funding. For questions, please contact Laura Reed, program coordinator, at or (425) 744-6226.   

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